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Liliana Urbain

Who is this lady?

At the heart of it, Liliana Urbain is a drumming band nerd gone rock band front woman and entrepreneur with a big sky's-the-limit attitude. In 2014, she left a job at Pixar to pursue music and adventure full time. At first, this entailed one-off gigs drumming and singing backup for other artists, but a fateful night in Nashville, TN changed everything when she met two musicians living out of their van on permatour.

Half a year and three hangouts later, Liliana flew across the country to join their band and found herself on a tour that spanned two years, 45 states, and over 500 shows. Since then, she founded and currently fronts her own swanky rock group Thrown-Out Bones and works professionally designing and MC-ing immersive events ranging from trivia and gameshows to live-action Mario Kart and real world Triwizard Tournaments.

When the pandemic hit, Liliana was quick to move online. Luckily, her unique events and playful personality translated pretty seamlessly and brought the same wonderful energy that built a following for her in-person events to the Zoom room.

You can find a collection of her in-person and online events here and if you don't see what you're looking for, book a consultation. She loves building and customizing events! 

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