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In-Person Events

Audio and visual equipment available upon request.

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Trivia For People Who Aren't Good At Trivia

Ever wanted to play trivia that didn’t require you to remember everything you learned in your 8th grade history class? Well, you found it.

With topics like Whose Beard Is This, Name the Character Based on Their Laugh, and What Board Game based on a blind touch test of a piece, this multi-sensory and cross-cultural trivia is interactive, sassy, and caters to all types of smarts. 

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Game Show Mashup

Game Show Mashup is a shindig that gives teams of all backgrounds and smarts a chance to go head-to-head in a series of classic game such as Family Feud, Trivia, and Price is Right. Be warned, however, I love my curveballs and kooky spins on the classics so I'd recommended you to come prepared to get a little weird. I have been known to make the entire game Mario Party themed...

This game can also be broken into one specific game show or any selection of Game Shows that most excites your group.

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Archery Nerf Tag & Other Lawn Games

Archery Nerf Tag is a high energy game the combines the best parts of dodgeball and bows and arrows. It's great for all ages and a perfect way to spice up any  outdoor event.

Be warned, though, it's pretty addicting.

For those looking for a little less Hunger Games style fun, we also provide lawn games such as Spikeball, Kobb, and Cornhole.  

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Live Music Performance

San Francisco-based Thrown-Out Bones is a high-energy swanky rock group known for their experimental approach to genre and performance. With 10+ years of playing together, this power trio has developed a unique sound that blurs the lines between funk, jazz, classic rock, and even the occasional deep, contemplative jam. The shows themselves have gained a following for the creative ways the band breaks down the fourth wall, offering unique experiences such as Bandaroke, Live Power Hour, and exciting sets complete with covers, originals, and even audience-inspired improvisation.

Sound equipment, lights, and costumes available upon request.

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Customize A New Game

Nothing listed tickle your fancy? Have an event in mind you don't see listed? I love building new games!
Schedule a consultation and we'll design the perfect event for you!

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Book a consultation!

Let's chat and make sure this event is what you're looking for. Once we have the date, time, and any customization solidified, sit back and relax. I've got the rest covered.

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